Dora and the Lost city of Gold


When your child tells you that they want to go to the movies to watch “Dora and the lost city, the thought of having to sit in the theater and having to entertain a film that you really don’t want to see comes to mind, i can understand if it was like going to see the new “Lion King” movie, that would be something more exciting to go see instead of the sing a longish, simple animated, nickelodeon movie for the little viewers. Yes, we can agree that the show is positive and assists the young ones about educational things, and also teaches them how to speak Spanish. The good thing about watching the show with your child at home is that you can take a minute from viewing the nickelodeon show and do anything else that you need to do without keeping your eyes glued on the screen. And your little one will be kept entertained by Dora. But here’s the shocker, viewers of the movie should surely be able to agree that this movie will keep the adults entertained just as much as the youngsters.

The film creates a nice boundary as they keep true to the feel of the show, as far as the characters and things like that and give us a little twist, but it works out awesome. The directors of the movie are Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin. They bring us just about the same amount of fun in this film as the movie “Muppets”, which the teamed up in as well, that was a good movie also, it seems like these two putting their ideas together brings magic for the viewers. They take their skills and put it to work in the movie as the details of the show are very important, you have the Doras backpack that talks and we definitely can’t forget about that swiping fox dude named swiper. For some odd reason, he is who I was looking forward to seeing in the movie, The actress by the name of Isabela Moner who plays Dora has some incredible talent she executed the role as Dora, without a doubt.


No matter what’s going on with the scenario of the movie she brings a demeanor that’s bright and just like the show she has a can-do attitude in the movie no matter the situation. Jefferey Whalberg plays the well known Diego, who pretty much brings a blank type of humor to the movie. Nicholas Coombe plays as randy the nerd, and the pushy boss of a bee is played by Madeleine Madden. Dora grows up with her parents, her mother is a zoologist played by Eva Longoria and her father played by Michael Peña is an archaeologist. To think about it, Dora never really had pals in her age range beside her cousin Diego who she has not seen in a while.

 Dora’s parents are on a mission to discover the lost city of Gold, Parapata. For that reason they send Dora, who is now a teenager to go to high school with cousin Diego, Adriana Barraza plays as Dora and Diego’s grandmother, and her acting is incredible, she plays the role just right. “Dora and the lost city of gold” will definitely keep your attention as Dora, Diego and friends are on a mission to overcome every obstacle on their adventure.


Dora And The Lost City of Gold
Rated: PG
Release date: August 9, 2019
Run Time: 100 minutes
Directed by: James Bobin
Producers: Kristin Burr, Eugenio Derbez
Starring: Isabela Moner, Danny Trejo, Jeffrey Wahlberg
Benicio Del Toro,Eugenio Derbez, Temuera Morrison
Eva Longoria, Michael Peña, Nicholas Coombe,
Madeleine Madden

Scary Movies To Tell In The Dark


In a small town in PA around the year 1968, About five teens in the area go to a haunted house and take away a storybook, doesn’t seem too creepy yet right. Well, that’s the ingredients needed to get this movie on a roll, let us see, creepy small town and bad teenagers on a crazy horrifying adventure. you have the important pieces. now this movie shows us how the talented minds of writer Alvin Schwartz and director Andre Ovredel take the pieces and turn this movie into amazing magic. Ovredel’s vision is well respected in this movie. Now, you might be a bit estranged to the “Scary Stories” books with frightening stories by Alvin Schwartz alongside the man behind the illustrations Stephen Gammell if you didn’t have backyard tent fun, and telling tales by campfires with marshmallows to snack on.

But no study work is needed for this movie, there no having to go read the “Scary Stories” trilogy to get updated for this old school type of film. Your love for this type of fantasy horror genre will give you all the satisfaction you are looking for. The younger audience might find themselves starting to have a wanting for horror movies after what “Scary movies to tell in the dark” has to offer. Stella, who is an introvert, plays a part in the center of the movie. She is a writer who has issues with her dad and loves scary things, as her room is fully styled with folk tales and critters that she glorifies. One night Stella and friends were getting bothered by a couple of bullies at a movie drive in, they were saved by Ramon, A Mexican guy that was just passing through town but after helping Stella and her crew, he decides to just stick around a bit. Then we have the beautiful and popular girl Ruth and her brother Chuck and nerd by the name of Auggie.

So there’s this one night that this cast makes a visit to this spooky boarded mansion with a past that’s quite horrific, they take away a book from there that belonged to Sarah Bellows, she was a very dangerous person and that book that these kids took belonged to Sarah’s spiritt and they disrupted the hostile ghost that was put away by her family, who were wicked and loaded with funds. Then one by one the camp starts facing Sarah’s vengeance.

Slowly in the book, frightful stories start appearing designed with the fears of the teens. Writer Alvin gets very creative with this idea by giving the viewers some great scenes. Ovradel makes all the arrangements take pop out in a way of there own. showing all the magic touches that he had stored for this movie. With an inconsistent amount of success with this little plot, the movie uses the country’s racism and political points. With creation so detailed by creative David Brisbin, he brings that era to the film, as we are reminded of the war in vietnam and see posters with Nixon on them. “Scary Stories” definitely holds its own in the horror movie genre.



Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark
Rated: PG-13
Release date: Augut 9, 2019
Run Time: 111 minutes
Directed by: André Øvredal
Producers: David Brisben
Starring: Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Gabriel Rush, Austin Zajur, Dean Norris, Gil Bellows