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The movie “Get Out” was produced and co-written by Jordan Peele and also did such an amazing job directing this film. And you also have Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum and  Edward H. Hamm Jr. who produced this wonderful movie. This is a 2017 horror movie that got great feedback by viewers all over. it gained in $ 252.4 million from just the $ 4 million invested. that is definitely what you call impressive. Get Out was filmed somewhere in Alabama. The cast dne a wonderful job in this movie, we have Daniel Kaluuya who plays as Chris, Allison Williams who plays Rose Armitage, Bradley Whitford as Dean Armitage, Catherine Keener who plays Missy Armitage, Caleb Jones as Jeremy Armitage, Erica Alexander as Detective Latoya  just to name a few.

The movie begins with a guy getting kidnapped, but we are going to fast forward a bit to Rose who is played by Allison Williams is going to visit her parents house with her boyfriend Chris Washington, who is a photographer and loves to smoke.Her father is a neurosurgeon named Dean and her mother Missy is a psychiatrist and her brother Jeremy also came by. Everyone at the house is trying to make Rose’s boyfriend Chris feel as welcome as possible. But its something about the groundskeeper Walter and Housekeeper Georgina, who works for Rose’s parents that’s is not quiet right, which makes Chris watch things a little more.

 Chris, later then has a discussion with Missy about somethings that happened in his past, he was then sent into a paralytic state as he is hypnotized, Chris is up the next day, and believes everything was just a dream, but now does not seem to have the urge for cigarettes anymore. He believes he was hypnotized.Next day, Rose’s parents are having a get-together, which they have annually. Chris meets a guy named Logan King, who acts very strange.Besides Chris, Logan is the only other African American there. Chris then calls his friend Rodney Williams who is  TSA Officer and tells him about how strange everyone is acting, including the Logan King guy. Chris then tries to secretly take a picture of Logan King to send to Rodney. As he is attempting to take the picture, the camera flash and Logan went crazy and yelled at Chris, screaming ” Get Out!”

 Chris and Rose goes for a walk, and he is trying to convince Rose that he wants to go. She eventually agrees, While Rose and Chris were away. Dean is having a auction With a picture on display. you must watch the movie to see what this picture is about. Placing the winning bid is a art dealer who is blind named Jim Hudson. Later back at the house Chris and Rose are packing to leave. Chris sends the picture he took of Logan King to his friend Rodney, Rod then realizes that he knew him from somewhere and that his name was not Logan. While still packing Chris makes a discovery in Roses closet, He then tells Rose that they need to leave Immediately and to hurry. Chris then wakes up somewhere in a chair strapped. Chris manages to find a way to escape from the chair and is now on a mission to get out, with Rod trying to find a way to save his friend. This movie was amazing from beginning defiantly a go see film.

Get Out
Release Date: February 24, 2016
Rated: R
Run Time: 104 minutes
Directed by:Jordan Peele
Producers:Sean McKittrick, Jason Blum
Edward H. Hamm Jr., Jordan Peele
Starring:Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams,Bradley Whitford
Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, LaKeith Stanfield,Catherine Keener


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  1. This movie did have a lot of mystery, and it shows you racism in a different way.
    great job to the director of this one.

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