Going in Style

This movie is a 2017 comedy movie, receiving mixed reviews form audiences all over. This movie was Based on the movie that came out in 1979, Going in Style was written by Theodore Melfi, and directed by Zach Braff. It made a $59 million dollar profit from the $25 million they invested in the movie. The film made about $ 4.2 million its first day and even better made $11.9 million its first week which is great compared to the $8 million they thought it would bring in its first week in theaters.This one had a pretty good cast, we have Morgan Freeman who plays Willie Davis. Michael Caine who plays Joe Harding and Alan Arking as Albert Garner to name a few. The movie took place in New York City, and also filmed in Astria,Queens.

This movie is basically about three friends living in New York City. Willie, Joe and Albert. So ne day while Joe is at the bank, some robbers come in all wearing masks, $1.6 million is what the robbers leave with. The job that Joe, Albert and Willie work for is sold and that put them in a situation with their pensions. Joe has 30 days before him and his daughter and granddaughter will be evicted. Willie on the other hand finds out that he is need f a transplant do to the situation he is having, at the same time him his granddaughter and daughter are far away from each other do to his money issues. So the friends come up with this idea that the only way to fix all f these financial issues they are having is to rob a bank.Joe puts together the plan, since he was the one out of the group who actually witnessed a robbery.

At first Willie and Albert where shocked of the idea that Joe had planned out, but when they realize that their pensions were about to get token by their bank they are all for Joe’s plan. So there is this guy named Murphy, Joe’s ex son in law, who works as a pet store manager to cover up his criminal activities gives the team some lesson’s since Albert’s grocery store shoplifting did not go as expected. So by taking notes from Murphy the guy’s come up with an idea, basically an alibi that has to do with a carnival. So the guys are “the rat pack” with blank guns, so that they don’t accidentally hurt someone is what the friends use as disguises. Now they are on to the mission, Willie has a situation and the planned robbery almost goes wrong, leaving the bank manager shooting at them. But the team still ends up leaving with a large amount of cash.

The three guys stick to their story as they were later arrested by Hamer, an FBI agent. The friends are put into a police line up with other older people. Hamer brings out this young girl as a witness, she was the same girl that basically took off willies mask at the carnival when he had his little situation, and they became friends in that little time. So back to the line up, the little girl refuses to do something which basically leaves Hamer with no case against the guys. Later on Willie is really in need of something  and then gets a good surprise. Joe finally is able to get his grand daughter something that he promised her as long as she did something for him, dealing with her school. And Albert gets to do something with the woman that he had a thing for with his friends by his side.

Going in Style
Release Date: April 7, 2017
Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 96 minutes
Directed by: Zach Braff
Producers:Donald De Line
Starring: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin
Joey King, Matt Dillon, Christopher Lloyd, Ann-Margret

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