Transformers: The Last Knight

This film is a action movie based on the transformers series. The Last Knight is the fifth installment in the series. Michael bay did an amazing job  directing this one, like he did with all the other transformers movies. But there has been talks that Bay might not return for another one, if this is accurate, thanks for an amazing series that you brought to the fans. This Transformers movie made an impressive $344 million profit from the $260 million invested. The movie was filmed all over from Michigan to Arizona. And then moving to Chicago, later on moving to North Yorkshire, and London to name a few. this movie pretty much kept the same have Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg just to name a few. And two new  members were added to the cast is Anthony Hopkins and Laura Haddock who plays Viviane Wembly.

So the Saxons are basically winning a battle going on against King Author and his knights. this is in 484 AD. There are twelve transformers that are on earth hiding and Merlin are in need of their help. But Merilin gets this alien staff thing to beat the Saxons and gain victory, but little did Merlin really know what that alien staff came with. Later on somewhere in Chicago, there was a ship that had a knight in it spotted by a group of kids Little after getting caught by a Transformer Reaction Force drone. The kids are then saved by Izabella, she was accompanied by Canopy and Sqweeks, her transformer friends. But Cade and Bumblebee arrives and end up having to rescue Izabella and the kids. Cade then returns back in South Dakota with all the autobots are hiding in his junkyard.

Meanwhile in space Optimus Prime makes a discovery, He discovers that Cybertron is about to make its way to earth. Optimus Prime then runs into the creator of the transformers Quintessa, who now has Optimus under her control, she wants her staff back from the knights who stole it, on a mission to repair Cybertron and she is sending Optimus to get it. Fast forward a bit theres use to be autobot by the name of Ally Williams who is now a member of the TRF makes a deal with Megatron, he wants something that Cade has. And Megatron deals as long as they releasea team of decepticons. So Cade and the autobots ends up getting found by Megatron and the TRF, A battle breaks lose, leaving most of the  decepticons destroyed. Megatron and the rest of the decepticans that made it through the fight are forced to retreat.

A transformer envoy by the name of Cogman takes Bumblebee and Cade to meet his master names Sir Edmund Burton who is in England. From there a meeting was arranged by Sir Edmund Burton between Cade and a professor by the name of Viviane Wembley, but also reveals that his mission is to keep the history of transformers, as part of a Witwiccan, which he mentions that he is the last living member of. And also that the alien staff must be found to prevent the earth being destroyed by Cybertron. Escaping the TRF, Viviane and Cade ends up finding the alien staff in a ship. The ship rises to the surface as soon as Vivian activated the staff. Optimus who is still under Qunitessa comes and takes the staff. Bumblebee and Optimus are now going at it. an autobot comes and helps Optimus to be free from Quintessa’s control. From there its crazy action. you must watch the movie to see who Megatron teams up with.The knight’s end up fighting for. And who ends up with the alien staff. great movie, definitely a must see.

Transformers: The Last Knight
Release Date: June 18, 2017
Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 149 minutes
Directed by: Michael Bay
Producers:Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce
Starring:Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins

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  1. I was never a fan of the transformers, i heard lot of good reviews on it, so i
    might go ahead and check this one out.

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