Despicable Me 3

Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda did a great job directing this movie and Bob Peterson, Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio were the ones behind the  writing. This film is a 2017 computer animated movie loved by fans all over. Despicable Me 3 is the third installment of the series. Steve Carell Dana Gaier and Miranda Cosgrove are the returning voices for this one as Felonious Gru,who was ounce a villian turned anti-villian. Edith the adoptive middle daughter and Margo oldest adoptive daughter. We have Steve Coogan and Kristen Wig returning from the second movie and Trey Parker playing as the super villian Balthazar Bratt. Jenny Slate as Valerie Da Vinci. And Julie Andrews as Merlina. Despicable Me 3 made a major $994 million at the box office from just the $80 million invested.

Gru and his wife are on a mission to destroy the plans that Balthazar Bratt have. Balthazar is trying to steal a expensive diamond, Gru stops him from doing so but is unable to catch him. This is not the first time Gru failed to capture him.Director Valerie Da Vinci is the new Director of the Anti-Villain League also known as (AVL). She decides to let Gru go as well as Lucy, Gru’s wife since the are unable to capture Bratt. With hesitation they must break the news to their children Margo, Agnes and Edith about getting fired from the job, and that they are on a mission to find other employment. Later on the next day. the family gets a visit from a butler of Dru, Dru is Gru’s lng lst twin brother who lives in a country named Freedonia and is wanting to meet Gru. So the family goes to finally meet Dru at his home, and the are shocked by how great amount of money.

On a talent show set, some minions get arrested for trespassing. Meanwhile Bratt is on a mission to get the diamond again. He manages to sneak it. He is wanting to use the diamond by charging up his project. being upset at the fact that his show got cancelled, he is on a mission to destroy Hollywood. Lucy and the children take a joy ride around Freedonia, while Dru and Gru have a little one on one discussion, where Dru reveals to his brother Gru what there father really was. Dru’s dad did now want to teach him how to become a villain, so he is on a mission for Gru to teach him, but Gru refuses. Dru and Gru in bond together as they go on a fun ride around Freedonia, meanwhile at a traditional cheese festival a boy that has a thing for Margo, was turned away by Lucy as she must display the task of a parent.

Gru is convinced by his twin brother Dru to steal the diamond, but Dru has his own reason to why he wants to take it. they finally get it, after a lot of obstacles. Dru later is upset and confronts Gru after finding out what his plans for taking the diamond was really for. Meanwhile Bratt makes his way to into Dru’s mansion, you must watch to see this plan and how manages to do this. But basically he damands that they give him the ring. Kidnaps the kids, now Dru and Gru are on a mission to capture Bratt. Lucy manages to get the kids, Dru and Gru use things from their fathers car to do damage to Bratts project, They kind of have him where they want him. Something happens to Gru. now Dru is forced to try and handle business on his own while Gru is recovering. So now Gru is back up and he comes up with a master plan on how to defeat Bratt.

Despicable Me 3
Release Date: June 30, 2017
Rated: PG
Run Time: 90 minutes
Directed by:Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda
Producers: Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy
Starring:Steve Carell,  Kristen Wiig, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove
Steve Coogan, Jenny Slate, Dana Gaier, Julie Andrews

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  1. I know this one was for the kids, which they enjoyed, but i must confess i was just as into it as them. LOL

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