This movie is a 2017 biographical drama film. that i must say was decent. Reginald Hudlin was the director behind this one as well as producer. Paula Wagner and Jonathan Sanger was also behind the producing of this film. Marshall was written by Michal and Jacob Koskoff. The movie featured a alright cast, Chadwick Boseman as Marshall, Josh Cad who plays Sam Friedman, Kate Hudson as Eleanor Strubing, Dan Stevens who plays Lorin Willis, and James as the judge. The budget for this movie was around $12 million but only bringing in $8.5 million at the box office, not to great on that one. The movie was filmed around Los Angeles and also in some areas around Buffalo. To me the movie was decent but it received a mixed reaction from viewers. I guess check it when you get a chance and leave a comment.

the movie is in around the 1940’s. There is this NAACP lawyer by the name of Thurgood Marshall played by Chadwick Boseman who travels the country and defends the people of color who were wrongfully accused. After returning back to the new york office he is then sent to Connecticut to defend a chauffeur by the name of Joseph Spell who was accused of raping his white employer Eleanor Strubing. This case caught attention of news papers. In Bridgeport, Marshall was admitted to the local bar against his will. Later at a hearing the judge, judge Foster who is a friend of the prosecutors father agrees to admit Marshall but Marshall cant speak during the trial. Which now makes someone else be Lead Counsel for Spell. Now Marshall must help guide the lead counsel through notes.

Spell is letting Marshall know that he never did anything sexual with Strubing. Marshall and lead counsel Friedman investigates the story that Strubing says that Spell did to her and wondering why some of the story does not add up. Spell is interested in a plea bargain offered by willis,but Marshall is against this idea. Later on someone testifies and has evidence that they found some of Spells skin under Strubing’s fingernails and Strubing testifies as well. Marshall and Friedman then goes to confront Spell and Spell then reveals something to them, you must watch to see what this confession is about. Later on at trial Spell testifies that it was someone who Strubing knows that abused her. He said that on that night he went to Strubings house to see if he can get a salary increase and also stating that Strubing was wanting to have sex with him. The movie was ok,definitely a go see.

Release Date: October 13, 2017
Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 118 minutes
Directed by:Reginald Hudlin
Producers: Paula Wagner, Reginald Hudlin, Jonathan Sanger
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Josh Cad, Kate Hudson, Dan Stevens, Sterling k Brown, James Cromwell

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