The Mountain Between Us




This movie is a 2017 romance adventure film. Haney Abu-Assad was the director behind this movie with production from Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark, David Ready and Jenno Topping. The cast in this movie was Idris Elba as Dr. Ben Bass, a surgeon, Kate Winslet as Alex Martin, a photojournalist, Dermot Mulroney as Mark, Alex’s fiancé, Beau Bridges as Walter, the pilot of the charter plane and Raleigh and Austin as Walter’s dog, later adopted by Ben. The movie was filmed in Vancouver. The movie wasn’t to bad in sells as it bought in $54.7 million from the $35 million invested in the film. The movie was really interesting and i would say a must see.

The movie starts with cancellation of flights due to stormy weather at the Boise airport. Ben Bass played by Idris Elba and Alex Martin who is a photojournalist played by Kate Winslet contacts Walter who is a private pilot Alex has wedding which is schedule for the next day, and Ben has an emergency surgery appointment in Maryland. So Alex and Ben boarded on an Uncharted flight as well as Walter’s dog, after takeoff something happens to Walter and the plane ends up crashing on a mountaintop,some survive the crash with multiple injuries however. Ben goes to help Alex with her wounds then quickly realizing that in order for any hope of survival they must find civilization. Alex asks Ben to just leave her behind. but Ben refuses to do so. in order to see if there are any structures nearby Ben climbs this peak in hope of seeing any. He almost falls off the cliff.

Where the plane Wreckage is, a cougar is attacking the dog, which is injured. Then the cougar tuns its focus to Alex but she gets thee cougar away with a flare. Ben rushes to the plane after seeing a blood trail he gives the dog medical attention and the cougars body was used for food. Ben assist that they keep going while Alex is questioning on help coming to save them. They get into a argument then both falling asleep. Alex gets up and decides to leave and starts to make it down the mountain. Ben realizes that Alex is gone and gives chase down the mountain and eventually catches up to Alex and they both talk it out. They now find a cave to make shelter. As they continue their walk the dog runs off and Ben chases him and finds him and comes across an abandoned cabin. Alex realizes she is standing over ice as she feels ground cracking under her.

Something happens to Alex but Ben is able to save her. He then brings her to the cabin and starts up a fire to warm her up. Alex wakes up a couple days later to Ben playing a piano. He then leaves her in the cabin and she goes through his personal things. Ben then catches her and she apologizes but basically saying she wanted to know something about him. He then reveals some thing about his life to Alex. Ben steps out to get more wood for fire, when he comes back in they can no longer resist each other and haves sex. Later they both agree to leave Alex in the cabin and Ben to go and find help. Feeling guilt Ben returns and the keep walking together again. Alex begins to get tired again but leaving her behind is not an option for Ben. They fall asleep. waking up they spot a timber yard, Ben tries to make his way to it but gets caught Alex goes for help and sees a truck driver.This movie was pretty good, if you have yet to see it go check it out.

The Mountain Between Us
Release Date: October 6, 2017
Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 112 minutes
Directed by:Hany Abu-Assad
Producers:Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark,David Ready
Jenno Topping
Starring:Idris Elba,Kate Winslet

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