Creed II





This movie is more sizeable and louder than its forerunner, But yet the movie never loses its focus on the original characters in the first one. Like the original movie, the lives of Adonis Creed his mentor Rocky Balboa and girlfriend Bianca are still dwelled upon. There is more suspense in this sequel as the Creed couple figure out things in their new married life and will Rocky be able to reunite with his kid. Creed II seems to be flying the same way that the original Rocky movies did, leaving the fans wondering will this just be a repeated franchise. For the first creed, that idea was fully understandable,in the first creed Donnie is trying to escape the shadows of his famous boxing father to make his own way, while he battles with his legacy. Rocky’s new role as the mentor to Donnie Creed feels like when the stallion had mickey in his corner.

Creed II starts off with Drago from a previous rocky movie.he is training Viktor, his son. Just like Rocky, you can see him aging in this movie when the audience sees his presence the screen command was all his. To get back right with the graces of the Russians, which he kind of lost losing to Rocky in one of the previous Rocky movies, he needs Donnie to get the heavyweight title. The older version of rocky seems more on the quiet side dealing with regret, Drago is on his mission to gain what he ounce had. For some reason in the movie, it feels as if these two old heads would go at it one more time. While all this is playing out, the movie shows us the loving side of “Creed II” with the affection between Adonis and Bianca. The chemistry between these two is amazing. She allows him unashamed vulnerability, and he gives her the opportunity to be strong.

“Creed II” slightly recreates the boxing ring introduction from the Rocky vs Drago movie, Donnie gets a song from his Bianca. The Creed family keeps the black love going in the movie, these two are very inspiring for the viewers. Their relationship plot in the movie is very funny romantic. Most of all its also relatable and complex like Donnie and Rocky’s mentor relationship. Donnie and Bianca’s love plays the center of the movie.
you cant think of one without thinking of the other one type of thing. The entertaining scenes of the movie are the boxing scenes of course, though it has nothing on the boxing match in the original filmed by Maryse Alberti, nor does it have that stir of emotions as it was when it was filmed by Coogler.

Still, there are enough treats here for the fans, surprising cameos with some well-known actors from former rocky movies, Phylicia continues her incredible role as Donnie’s stepmother. Russell Hornsby grabs the audience as he plays the boxer promoter, looks similar to Don King.There are plenty of good moments in this movie worth cheering about big or small.You can feel that Donnie’s character is well played by Michael.That this sequel was a very well-loved movie. It makes us think will there be any more special guests in the next Creed movie, Mr. T maybe.



Creed II
Rated: PG-13
Release date: November 19, 2018
Run Time: 130 minutes
Directed by: Steven Caple Jr
Producers: Sylvester Stallone, Kevin King Templeton, Charles Winkler, William Chartoff, David Winkler, Irwin Winkler, Udi Nedivi
Starring: Michael B. Jordan , Sylvester Stallone , Tessa Thompson , Dolph Lundgren , Florian Munteanu Phylicia Rashād , Wood Harris , Andre Ward , Raul Torres 

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