The Intruder


The intruder can be thrown in line in the home invasion thriller movie lists like “Breaking in” or “Specific heights”. Scott Russell played by (Michael Ely), is a marketing hotshot in San Francisco and who is madly in love with his wife Annie played by (Meagan Good). Just to please his adorable wife he is willing to buy a house worth $3 Million dollars in Napa Valley, which he does not really like, but hey, happy wife happy life. Annie’s dream house is being sold by Charlie Peck who is the widowed homeowner, seconds before his little meet with the Russells he is shown shooting a deer damn near ripping it to pieces with his rifle right in front of Scott and Annie. Not only was the deer shot, he then walks up to its hurt condition and finishes off the job.

So let’s take a minute to think, we obviously know that charlie is trouble already, in some movies it usually takes a while to figure out the bad guy because nothing seems quite right. But it’s clear that somethings definitely off where charlie is concerned, But Annie does not seem to care as she is so mind blown about wanted this house. We get that she is the bad and bougie, But if you are buying a house and a white dude with a rifles shoots a deer in your face as we’re talking about purchasing this thing, im sorry but we’re out, and looking on the next listing we see. Scott and Annie buy the house. Charlie mentions to the couple that the house is named after a flower named foxglove. which is a poisionus flower, that was a foreshadowing technique used by the director. But that type of work is not new for director David Loughery, as he used some of that magic in some of his previous work “Obessed” being one of them.

Which was a good movie and fun to watch. The fun level in Intruder is somewhat around the same. While watching the movie u want to scream at Annie for acting a clueless about Charlie, while Scott, on the other hand, is a bit wary about him and you can defenitley tell. Charlie is really devoted to staying around his old home Foxglove which he sold to the Russells. He couldnt leave it if he tried to, well is he even trying to. He shows up to help the new homeowners with their lawn and to of course spy on them. Whenever Scott mentions to Charlie about alternating the home a bit, Charlie goes crazy.

Even with all of this Annie invites that guy to dinner, does she think? anyways during the dinner Charlie gets insulted by one of Scott’s friends Mike played by Joseph Sikora. As the movie continues Charlie becomes more deranged showing up to the house more unannounced while Annie is home. Annie mentions it to Scott, and he insists that she stops letting the man in her house. I mean sheesh, listen to your husband. The movie did not really have too many unpredictable moments. Meagan and Michael had a wierd type of chemistry in this movie though, despite their intense sex scene. The scences where they were yelling at each other seems a bit more convincing. all though Annie has some ditsy moments in the movie When she and Scott finally come together to save themselves, your rooting for her.



The Intruder
Rated: PG-13
Release date: May 3, 2019
Run Time: 84 minutes
Directed by: Deon Taylor
Producers: Roxanne AventDeon Taylor, Mark Burg, Jonathan Schwartz, Brad Kaplan
Starring:Dennis Quaid as Charlie Peck, Meagan Good as Annie Russell, Joseph Sikora as Mike, Michael Ealy as Scott Russell, Alvina August as Rachel, Lee Shorten as Brian, Carolyn Anderson 

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  1. Quaid was predictable, and if i were to buy a new house,and saw the owner was like this,i would have done things way diff

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