Toy Story 4


Randy Newman is singing “I can’t let you throw yourself away” which is shot towards Woody played by Tom Hanks. Woody was a very good friend to Randy who was his owner, and after that got passed down to a little girl named Bonnie, who at the end of toy story 3 was given all of Andy’s toys. There is a new character that the song is shot towards also, A character Which Bonnie created. Not the best creation, but hey. This character goes by the name Forky played by Toney Hale, who has arms that are pipe cleaners and his feet are popsicle sticks, And the body is basically a spork. Forky decides to break free from Andy and Bonnie and throw himself into the nearest trash possible every chance that he gets, But here’s the thing, hes on this specific mission because of the fact that its where he feels comfortable at, in the trash.

Not because of any emotional downside feeling, I mean he is a utensil, so he feels like diving in the trash is a fulfilling mission of his, as if that were his purpose. The viewers feeling for this Toy Story franchise just can’t seem to go away, This is the fourth movie of the franchise, and not one movie has dropped below the perfect status. Might be another reason for the ” I can’t let you throw yourself away” song. Some plots still remain the same from previous toy story movies like on another note, there’s a toy feeling as if it’s no longer special, and have inability to keep a child’s attention. But that’s not all folks, the movie gives us way more than just that, that’s why The toy story franchise always succeeds because it keeps a bit of the same plots but than it sprinkles a little new magic to keep viewers interested. The first half of the movie gives us the whole Woody and Forky scenario. Then it gets back to what we are used to, the playful toys that we loved from the other Toy Story movies, Like cowgirl Jesse and Buzz Light year played by Tim Allen, And get introduced to a few other ones like Ducky and Bunny played by Jordan Peele and Keanu Reeves as Duke Caboom, He does a great job as kid character as well just like he delivers in the John Wick series, that’s an amazing actor.

you also have the plush collectibles that buzz light year comes across in the film, The motorcycle rider, And a 1950’s era doll with a broken voice box that rules a kingdom at an antique shop.Toy Story wouldn’t feel the same without her character being apart of it, she definitely added that old touch to the movie. As the movie carries on we get some exciting extras, A toy breaks a major rule in the movie, he lets the humans know that they are not just your regular toys And other toys are on a mission to rescue a toy that has been kidnapped like in the previous movies, And we get a plot where separated characters are reunited.
Toy Story 4 also pinpoints on Woody and Bo peep having a meaningful conversation about being a toy. Which believed to be placed at the right time in the movie. The Toy Story franchise is one that never gets old, and always adds a little touch here and there to keep the story the same but fresh, It has a strong skill for beating the odds. I can’t wait to see that the filmmaker comes up next to the next one.



Toy Story 4
Rated: G
Release date: June 21 , 2019
Run Time: 100 minutes
Directed by: Josh Cooley
Producers: Jonas Rivera, Mark Nielsen 
Starring: Jeff Garlin, Tony Hale, Estelle Harris, Bud Luckey, Jeff Pidgeon, Christina Hendricks, Ally Maki, Don Rickles, Jay Hernandez, Mel Brooks, Betty White, Carl Weather, Carol Burnett, Carl Reiner, June Squibb

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