Harriet Tubman has an incredible life story. But unlike Malcolm’s and Kings and other freedom fighters, She had never been given her own film, until now. Amanita Ross better known as Tubman worked at a plantation with John who was Tubman’s husband played by Zachary Momoh, And other family members. The film takes the viewers on a couple of flashbacks through Tubman’s or shall we say “Mintys” days in a county in Maryland and then speeds us to observe some of the most terrifying pinpoints of bondage life. Through it, all Minty finds the strength to escape through an arrangement of acts and keeping her eyes planted on that bright light, which was the north star. Tubman’s separation from her loved ones is what sets off her sudden desire to run off.

not only that but even after the law states different, Tubman was told that if she were to have any children, they would not be free, totally disregarding the law. Harriet made it to the Pennsylvania border, Fresh life and New beginning. But something still didn’t sit right with her, even though she had the opportunity of having a new start, her people were still left behind, continuing to live their lives as slaves. Harriet feels she needs to do something about this, She moved into a Philadelphia boarding home, owned by Marie Buchanon. Marie, along with William still, who disapproves of Harriet’s plan, William is a man who is leading an organization that helped slaves who escaped. Harriet proceeds on her mission, with a different appearance and nickname, she rescues a numerous amount of slaves with every single round trip journey she took back to the south.

Director Kasi Lemmons, who we can say has done a wonderful, brilliant job as she breaks down this story of Harriet. She uses her skills and keeps this movie pretty straight forward and grabs the viewer’s attention. As Harriet was on her night travels which were on foot, she faced a lot of danger, especially with the threats from slave hunter named Walter, who is bothered by Tubman’s determination. The audience gets hit with a deep collage of several scenes of escaping, the filmmakers throw in a little magic touch of random freighting scenes as white officials search and stop Tubman. Lemmons really put in her work on this form of the plot that it shows this type of thing is an ongoing situation in America. This is something that the movie definitely needed to show, and the filmmaker made sure of that. Brilliant work by Lemmons.

This is a major movie to for sure tackle a very important figure that plays a very important part of history in the American civil rights. Director Lemmons movie may explain a lot, it gives it a chance to speak to the younger viewers giving them a chance to see what was going on around that time and what this wonderful, amazing woman with a goal accomplished in taking part of changing some of the things that are going on in America.


Rated: PG-13
Release date: Novenmber 1, 2019
Run Time: 125 minutes
Directed by: Kasi Lemmons
Producers: Debra Martin ChaseDaniela Taplin Lundberg
Starring: Cynthia Erivo, Janelle Monáe, Leslie Odom Jr, Joe Alwyn, Jennifer Nettles, Tim Guinee 

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