About Us

Movietalkz is the ultimate destination for all things movies. A blog about all types of movies past and present,be it horror, drama sci-fi, love or action, old Hollywood stars, actors and actresses, directors and much more. My name is Brandon, I currently live in Atlanta, GA. I’m a lifelong cinéaste.

I started this blog simply because of my love for movies. I was always bursting to talk about movies to my friends online and offline and i had so much to say about so many movies, so I decided to create this little nook on the web for me to share my passion for movies with TV watchers and casual moviegoers to the TV addicts and film nerds.

I write about old and new movies, from the latest blockbusters, to small indie films. some you will have heard of, other you might not. As a passionate cinéaste, I will be working to bring you the very best in content, from weekly reviews of the very latest box office and DVD/Blu-ray releases, to ratings, biographies and recommendations for new movies to watch, rent, stream or own.

Feel free to peruse the site at your leisure and please share your opinions with us and other film enthusiasts. If you have any questions or constructive points on how to improve the site feel free to get in touch with me via the contact tab.