War For The Planet Of The Apes

This movie was amazing just like its other series. This movie is the sequel Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes. And after rise was Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. All are incredible movies from the minute you start watching. The movie brought in a good $278 million from the $150 million invested. Matt Reeves was the director in this one, with also great help from the producers Peter Chermin, Dylan Clark, and Amanda Silver just to name a few. And the movie stars Woody Herrelson who played the Colonel, Andy Serkis as the main star “Ceasar” and Steve Zhan who played the “Bad Ape”. The filming for this movie took place in in Vancouver.

 So it started off with the U.S. military being called too destroy these very smart but menacing Apes, who were following leading Ape Ceasar. The soldiers and apes went at it, And the soldiers and gorilla red ended up getting captured by the apes. After the humans were captured, Ceasar has a message for colonel before letting the soldiers go to be released, and the message was basically that he wanted peace between the apes and the human society, and that he was not the one who tried to start the war between them. Gorilla Red escapes from Ceasar who was trying to keep him detained for all the crimes he committed. After that incident lieutenant rocket and Ceasars son come and explains to Ceasar that they found a god place for the apes to go. Ceasar does not think the are quiet ready to go yet. The night comes and the colonel leads a group of soldiers to make there way to the apes. And the colonel takes out two of the closest to Ceasar, but you must watch to see who.

 One of the apes “Winter” who is an albino ape who runs with Ceasar, played by Aleks Paunovik went missing during the event. So one of Ceasar’s other guys “Luca”, which is a big gorilla believes that Winter has turned on them because he is scared of the humans. Ceasar and some of his team Luca, Maurice and Rocket goes off to find the colonel and kill him for executing some who were close to him while the other apes head another direction. On Ceasar’s mission, him and his group run into Winter, to discover that he joined the other side because the colonel let him survive. You must watch to see how Ceasar handles that. Ceasar starts to feel like wanting to get revenge is starting to get the best of him. Ceasar then runs into Bad Ape and he leads Ceasar and the crew to the border where the soldiers where, when they reach the destination they see hundreds of apes detained in a facility area. A AO Patrol is at ceasar, but one of the apes takes the fall for him. The rest of the apes are captured and forced to build something. Ceasar see this but before you know it he is captured by Gorilla Red.

 Thing get interesting, the colonel is now talking to the captured Ceasar explaining to him how the Simian virus is basically causing humans to return to primitive level. The U.S army are on a mission to come kill the colonel because he is trying to kill the spreading of the virus by killing off infected humans. Ceasar is now caged nothing to eat, then this girl who could not speak, which Ceasar and his team ran into her earlier, finds her way into where Ceasar is and provides him with water and food, also leaves a doll with him. A day later the colonel comes in to check if Caesar is alive and notices a doll and questions him about it. Caesar and Rocket found out a way to make it out of the facility. Ceasar is now on a mission to go confront the colonel while ordering the other apes to escape. Ceasar then catches up to colonel and has other plans but so did the colonel.

War for the Planet of the Apes
Release Date: July 14, 2017
Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 140 minutes
Directed by: Matt Reeves
Producers:Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark,Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver
Starring:Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson, Steve Zahn

Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman: homecoming, A superhero movie directed by Jon Watts and co-produced by Marvel Studios and Columbia pictures. Tom Holland who plays spiderman and other cast members receive a lot of applaud from viewers across the world for their great performances in this movie. Its even mentioned that the second is already has a release date. This movie was really amazing, leaving you wanting more. This movie already grossed in about $257 million world wide. And should mention had a well performing cast starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Zendya just to name a few.

So spiderman Homecoming is about this kid, Peter Parker ( spider man), who attends Midtown School of Science and Technology. Hes involved in some extracurricular activities at school which
drops to fight crime. All of this started because spiderman was chosen by starks to join the Avengers to help with a situation, But then kinda in a way tells parker to go back to school and that the avenger thing is just not working for him. He feels parker wasn’t ready. Parkers cover gets blown as someone he knows makes a discovery about him one night while he was fighting some criminals who were on a mission to rob an ATM machine. So we have this guy named toomes, yea idk.. but thats his name. One night toomes associates Brice and Schultz gets into it with spiderman, who was trying to interfere with them trying to sell weapons to known criminal Aaron Davis.spiderman ended up getting saved by starks during that altercation.

Toomes is attempting to steal from a D.O.D.C truck, which turns up unsuccessful because of spiderman. Toomes gets away, So now parker is trying too figure out Toomes whereabouts by trying to get Davis the local criminal to give up this information. Meanwhile in parkers personal life he finally asks his school crush Liz out to the homecoming dance. But the night of the dance takes a turn,Parker ends up making a shocking discovery about who Liz might be. Toome on another note is asking spiderman to back off and stop trying to interfere or else. Later Toomes is o a mission to transport weapons, and spiderman catches on to this. Parker gets ambushed by one of Toomes protege’s, you must watch the movie to see how that one plays out. spiderman with his new appealing suit finds out Toomes hideout with help from a friend, And then leads to spidey confronting toomes. From there its nothing but mind blowing action, leaving you at the edge of your seat as spiderman tries to take care of business.

Spiderman: Homecoming
Release Date: July 7, 2017
Rated: PG 13
Run Time: 133 minutes
Directed by: Jon Watts
Producers:Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal
Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jon Favreau
Zendaya, Donald Glover, Tyne Daly, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr.

Despicable Me 3

Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda did a great job directing this movie and Bob Peterson, Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio were the ones behind the  writing. This film is a 2017 computer animated movie loved by fans all over. Despicable Me 3 is the third installment of the series. Steve Carell Dana Gaier and Miranda Cosgrove are the returning voices for this one as Felonious Gru,who was ounce a villian turned anti-villian. Edith the adoptive middle daughter and Margo oldest adoptive daughter. We have Steve Coogan and Kristen Wig returning from the second movie and Trey Parker playing as the super villian Balthazar Bratt. Jenny Slate as Valerie Da Vinci. And Julie Andrews as Merlina. Despicable Me 3 made a major $994 million at the box office from just the $80 million invested.

Gru and his wife are on a mission to destroy the plans that Balthazar Bratt have. Balthazar is trying to steal a expensive diamond, Gru stops him from doing so but is unable to catch him. This is not the first time Gru failed to capture him.Director Valerie Da Vinci is the new Director of the Anti-Villain League also known as (AVL). She decides to let Gru go as well as Lucy, Gru’s wife since the are unable to capture Bratt. With hesitation they must break the news to their children Margo, Agnes and Edith about getting fired from the job, and that they are on a mission to find other employment. Later on the next day. the family gets a visit from a butler of Dru, Dru is Gru’s lng lst twin brother who lives in a country named Freedonia and is wanting to meet Gru. So the family goes to finally meet Dru at his home, and the are shocked by how great amount of money.

On a talent show set, some minions get arrested for trespassing. Meanwhile Bratt is on a mission to get the diamond again. He manages to sneak it. He is wanting to use the diamond by charging up his project. being upset at the fact that his show got cancelled, he is on a mission to destroy Hollywood. Lucy and the children take a joy ride around Freedonia, while Dru and Gru have a little one on one discussion, where Dru reveals to his brother Gru what there father really was. Dru’s dad did now want to teach him how to become a villain, so he is on a mission for Gru to teach him, but Gru refuses. Dru and Gru in bond together as they go on a fun ride around Freedonia, meanwhile at a traditional cheese festival a boy that has a thing for Margo, was turned away by Lucy as she must display the task of a parent.

Gru is convinced by his twin brother Dru to steal the diamond, but Dru has his own reason to why he wants to take it. they finally get it, after a lot of obstacles. Dru later is upset and confronts Gru after finding out what his plans for taking the diamond was really for. Meanwhile Bratt makes his way to into Dru’s mansion, you must watch to see this plan and how manages to do this. But basically he damands that they give him the ring. Kidnaps the kids, now Dru and Gru are on a mission to capture Bratt. Lucy manages to get the kids, Dru and Gru use things from their fathers car to do damage to Bratts project, They kind of have him where they want him. Something happens to Gru. now Dru is forced to try and handle business on his own while Gru is recovering. So now Gru is back up and he comes up with a master plan on how to defeat Bratt.

Despicable Me 3
Release Date: June 30, 2017
Rated: PG
Run Time: 90 minutes
Directed by:Pierre Coffin, Kyle Balda
Producers: Chris Meledandri, Janet Healy
Starring:Steve Carell,  Kristen Wiig, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove
Steve Coogan, Jenny Slate, Dana Gaier, Julie Andrews

Baby Driver

Mr Edgar wright was the writer and director behind this 2017 action film. As of today bringing in a good $17 million dollar profit, from the $34 million budget behind this project invested. The movie has received very good feedback from the viewers, It wasn’t a bad movie at all to me. Baby Driver has a couple good names in it. Jamie Foxx, Ansel Angort, Kevin spacey and Eliza Gonzalez just to name a few. Baby Driver gives you a very entertaining ride from the jump.

So there’s this guy by the name of Miles, better known by “Baby”. Baby works as a getaway driver in Atlanta while Living with his foster father Joseph.So now we have a mastermind heist planner by the name of Doc,who Miles for whatever reason attempts to steal one of his cars, plan went left, now Baby must work for him to pay off the debt. But after pulling off one of his robberies, Baby gets a break, with the opportunity of paying off his debt with the next job that Doc will assign to him. which ends up being an armored car robbery. Apart from his lifestyle his social life gets a little entertaining by becoming friends with waitress deborah who is played by Lily James, at a bar which he visits often.

So we fast forward a bit and the armed robbery gets a little crazy, causing a car chase around the interstate, giving the viewers some fascinating scenes during this part. After getting away Doc then discusses something with Baby about the debt which leaves him very pleased. Following that discussing, Baby is told to get rid of the vehicle that they were using. Which he does,you should see what he does to pull this off. He runs into Doc again, and is told to get ready for another job, And yup Baby agrees to this, only in order to keep the safety of Deborah and Joseph. you must watch to find out why. But the mission of this next job is to take money orders from a post office.

Baby is accompanied by a former stock broker named buddy played by Jon Hamm and his wife darling. To get ready for this mission they go to obtain some weapons from butcher, who is a dealer in the movie played by Paul Williams. Coming to the realization that butcher is not the weapon dealer who he claims to be, this starts a gun fights, action packed scenes.Doc attempts to call off the heist, but Baby wont allow it. things get a little deep. And now Baby is on a mission to just get him and Debora out of this situation. Baby Driver is a must see action movie, every actor and actress in this movie done a wonderful job. none of the roles felt weak or misplaced. worth the watch.

Baby Driver
Release Date: June 28, 2017
Rated: R
Run Time: 113 minutes
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Producers:Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Nira Park
Starring: Ansel Elgort, Kevin Space, Lily James, Jon Bernthal
Eiza González, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx

Transformers: The Last Knight

This film is a action movie based on the transformers series. The Last Knight is the fifth installment in the series. Michael bay did an amazing job  directing this one, like he did with all the other transformers movies. But there has been talks that Bay might not return for another one, if this is accurate, thanks for an amazing series that you brought to the fans. This Transformers movie made an impressive $344 million profit from the $260 million invested. The movie was filmed all over from Michigan to Arizona. And then moving to Chicago, later on moving to North Yorkshire, and London to name a few. this movie pretty much kept the same cast.you have Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg just to name a few. And two new  members were added to the cast is Anthony Hopkins and Laura Haddock who plays Viviane Wembly.

So the Saxons are basically winning a battle going on against King Author and his knights. this is in 484 AD. There are twelve transformers that are on earth hiding and Merlin are in need of their help. But Merilin gets this alien staff thing to beat the Saxons and gain victory, but little did Merlin really know what that alien staff came with. Later on somewhere in Chicago, there was a ship that had a knight in it spotted by a group of kids Little after getting caught by a Transformer Reaction Force drone. The kids are then saved by Izabella, she was accompanied by Canopy and Sqweeks, her transformer friends. But Cade and Bumblebee arrives and end up having to rescue Izabella and the kids. Cade then returns back in South Dakota with all the autobots are hiding in his junkyard.

Meanwhile in space Optimus Prime makes a discovery, He discovers that Cybertron is about to make its way to earth. Optimus Prime then runs into the creator of the transformers Quintessa, who now has Optimus under her control, she wants her staff back from the knights who stole it, on a mission to repair Cybertron and she is sending Optimus to get it. Fast forward a bit theres use to be autobot by the name of Ally Williams who is now a member of the TRF makes a deal with Megatron, he wants something that Cade has. And Megatron deals as long as they releasea team of decepticons. So Cade and the autobots ends up getting found by Megatron and the TRF, A battle breaks lose, leaving most of the  decepticons destroyed. Megatron and the rest of the decepticans that made it through the fight are forced to retreat.

A transformer envoy by the name of Cogman takes Bumblebee and Cade to meet his master names Sir Edmund Burton who is in England. From there a meeting was arranged by Sir Edmund Burton between Cade and a professor by the name of Viviane Wembley, but also reveals that his mission is to keep the history of transformers, as part of a Witwiccan, which he mentions that he is the last living member of. And also that the alien staff must be found to prevent the earth being destroyed by Cybertron. Escaping the TRF, Viviane and Cade ends up finding the alien staff in a ship. The ship rises to the surface as soon as Vivian activated the staff. Optimus who is still under Qunitessa comes and takes the staff. Bumblebee and Optimus are now going at it. an autobot comes and helps Optimus to be free from Quintessa’s control. From there its crazy action. you must watch the movie to see who Megatron teams up with.The knight’s end up fighting for. And who ends up with the alien staff. great movie, definitely a must see.

Transformers: The Last Knight
Release Date: June 18, 2017
Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 149 minutes
Directed by: Michael Bay
Producers:Don Murphy, Tom DeSanto, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ian Bryce
Starring:Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel, Stanley Tucci, Anthony Hopkins

Cars 3

Brian Fee did a great job directing this movie and Bob Peterson, Kiel Murray and Mike Rich were the ones behind the  screenplay. This film is a 2017 computer animated movie praised by fans all over. Cars 3 is the third installment of the series, for the most part all the voices are still in the movie. Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Micahel Wallis, Tony Shalhoub, Guido Quaroni to name a few of the riginal voices. then we have Nathan Fillion who plays Sterling, Kerry Washington as Natalie Certain, Chris Cooper as Smokey , Lea Delaria who plays Miss Fritter and Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez to name a few .All of them where the new voices added to this movie. The movie did pretty good in profit gaining in $343 million from box office from the $175 million budget.

So Lightning Mcqueen, who is a seven time piston cup champ is on the track racing with a couple veteren guys. A few seconds later gets stormed passed by an arrogant rookie named Jackson Storm. The new rookies have new technology to pretty much improve their racing performance. So now later in the Los Angeles International Speedway, in the final race of the season Lightning Mcqueen ended up not being able to finish the race because while trailing and trying to catch up to the leaders, especially the new rookie Jackson Storm he loses control and crashes. Lighting pretty much stays to himself now and uses majority of his time watching videos of his Doc Hudson, his latest mentor while in the town of Radiator Springs recovering from the crash. Lightning Mcqueen later on confesses to not wanting to and scared of being forced into early retirement like his mentor Doc Hudson after being confronted by Sally Carrera, his girlfriend.

Lightning learns that the racing team owned by Rusty and Dusty, named Rust-eze racing is sold and the new owner is Sterling. Sterling sends Lightning Mcqueen to go and train with Cruz Ramirez. Lightning decides to do things his way by getting annoyed and not listening to Cruz’s orders and and causes lots of damage. Sterling is now now on a mission to kick Lightning Mcqueen out of the racing circuit and has other plans for him, because he is feeling as iif Lightning Mcqueen is no longer capable of winning. So Lightning comes to Sterling with a deal, And Sterling accepts this deal, you must watch to see what this is about. But Lightning is still ordered to remain training with Cruz. Outside the training center Lighting helps Cruz race on Sandy Coastline, They end up unexpectedly racing on dirt road. Cruz defeating Lighting Mcqueen. Lighting is now feeling like he waste his time training with Cruz, and lets Cruz know how he feels. Cruz then tells Lightning a confession before quitting as Lightnings trainer.

Lightning Mcqeen reaches out to his best friend after finding out that the rookie Jackson Storm sets a new lap record. Mater , which is Lightning’s best friend tells Lightning that his best bet is to find Smokey which is Doc’s mentor. Lightning convinces Cruz to tag along with him. you should watch to see how he gets on Cruz’s good side. So now they are headed somewhere in Georgia which is Doc’s town. So now Cruz and lightning are there with many of Doc’s friend and they give Lightning a very good idea on how to beat this new rookie. Lighting and Cruz are now back training on a friendly competition to help Lighting by using the advice they were told by Smokey and Doc’s friends. The race in Florida is now taking place. Smokey and his crew are helping Lightning push trough the ranks by cheering him on. Sterling is is feeling like Lightning don’t stand a chance. Cruz wants to stay and watch Lightnings race, but is ordered by Sterling to go to the racing center. Lightning realizes that’s its only one way to win this race, while at the same time giving someone an opportunity they always wanted.

Cars 3
Release Date: June 16, 2017
Rated: G
Run Time: 109 minutes
Directed by: Brian Fee
Producers:Kevin Reher
Starring: Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper, Armie Hammer, Larry the Cable Guy
Bonnie Hunt, Nathan Fillion, Lea DeLaria, Kerry Washington


This movie was pretty decent, its a action comedy movie which was written by Damian Shannan and Mark Swift and directed by Seth Gordon. The movie was from the television series that most of us used to watch. The movie was filmed in Savannah,GA and in some part of Florida. Baywatch received a world wide profit of about $177.4 million from its $69 million dollar budget. The movie has some decent stars in it from dwayne johnson as Mitch, Zac Efron as Matt Brody, Kelly Rohrback  who played C.J. Parker. and Priyanka Chopra who played as Victoria Leeds just to name a few. while to me the movie was ok, and it did make a good profit ,it did receive major negative feedback from critics.

So in a beach somewhere in Emerald Bay, FL.As an elite division known as Baywatch, A group of lifeguards and their lieutenant Mitch Buchanan protects the bay and beaches. The community loves Mitch, why wouldn’t they, he saved many lives in his career as lifeguard. Near the Huntley Club that is owned now by Victoria Leeds, Mitch makes a discovery, He finds some drugs. Fast Forward. The job is now having tryouts in the search for new lifeguards, And three people seem to be most looked at. Ronnie who is a nerd on the chubby side who is interested in C.J. Then you have Summer Quinn who is a good surfer and Last you have Matt Brody who was a former gold medal Olympian. Brody is not up for passing any trials because he feels that he has a gold medal so he should be places on the team, while Summer Quinn and Ronnie do what they must and pass.

Mitch is trying to convince his captain, Captain Thorpe that Brody is unfit for the job. But Thorpe is focused on not allowing the city to cut Baywatch’s funding and the idea is to rebuild Brody’s image. So with that being said Mitch is now on mission to train Brody. A private yacht is on fire, and now the team must go. During this mission Brody almost goes under while disregarding Mitch’s orders.But C.J. and Holden manages to save Brody. Later in the movie Victoria Leeds has a party. Brody was told by Mitch that he is suppose to go and play look out and see what she is up to and ends up messing up by getting drunk, then gets embarrassed or you can say humiliated in front of everyone by Mitch. The next day Mitch takes Summer Quinn and Brody on a mission with him after Brody begs Mitch for a second chance for messing up his cover the other night at Leeds event.

On the mission Mitch spot Leeds crew trying to cover up something, Mitch and his crew gets spotted. One of Leeds guys get’s caught by Mitch, but later on is let go by Ellerbee because Mitch did not have enough evidence.  Now Thorpe who is above Mitch is angry and is telling Mitch that he overstepped his boundaries by trying to investigate Leed’s men. So later Mitch again disobeys Thorpe and takes Brody on another mission with him again, this time to the Huntley where Mitch suspect that Leed’s drug activity is going on at. So Brody and Mitch go undercover again, making a discovery. Thorpe then finds out about Mitch and terminates him from his job and hires someone else. you must watch to see who got the job. Brody gets help hacking into Leed’s system and figures ut a plan she has in stored. Brody later gets captured, Leeds tries to escape but C.J and Ronnie tries to come up with a plan to prevent it, but Mitch comes in basically saves Brody and handles business. Mitch later on gets an apology from someone, gets his job back, And tell’s the others who their captain will be.

Release Date: May 25, 2017
Rated: R
Run Time: 121 minutes
Directed by: Seth Gordon
Producers: Ivan Reitman, Michael Berk, Douglas Schwartz, Gregory J. Bonann, Beau Flynn
Starring:Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario Kelly Rohrbach,David Hasselhoff

Director Of The Movie “Get Out” Made History

Jordan Peele, a New York native and half of the duo Key and Peele, was the man behind the directing of “Get Out” received the CinemaCons director of the year award. This was somewhere in Las Vegas. The movie “Get Out” was a major success as the movie grossed about $100 million in the first four weeks of the movies release. That’s amazing. This was Jordan Peele’s directorial Debut and you can defenitly see how well he did by the box office success. This movie was definitely one of the most profitable movies in years.

The movies sacked the racism in America, It was said that the movie caught the attention of a very mixed crowd.The viewers were 38 percent of  black viewers and 35 percent of white viewers, This was the first week of the movie release. Jordan Peele said it took years to write the screenplay for this movie, And that the movie The Stepford Wives was one of its inspirations for the movie ” Get out” The success of this movie and then him getting the award puts Peele in the direction that he has always wanted to be in.

A statement was said by Director Mitch Neuhauser,With the phenomenon known as ‘Get Out,’ Jordan Peele has instantaneously become a force to reckon with as a gifted and enormously talented director and filmmaker,” “He has audiences and critics around the globe enamored and spellbound, dare I say hypnotized, with his wildly inventive directorial debut, and we are ecstatic to be honoring him as this year’s ‘Director of the Year.’”Yup you definitely read that right. Thats some incredible words,Peele won Director of the year. Happy for this guy and wish nothing but more success for him.Keep bringing us those good movies.





Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 is a 2017 superhero movie, based on a superhero team by Marvel Comics. Its like the 15th movie in the in the Marvel Universe and the sequel to guardians of the galaxy released sometime in 2014. Great directing and writing by James Gunn, and Produced by Kevin Feige. This movie had a great cast from Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Vin Diesal, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker, Bradley Cooper, Pom Klementieff, Karen Gillan, Seann Gunn, Elizabeth Debicki, Chris Sullivan, Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stalone. The Pre shooting for this movie took place in Fayette County Georgia in Atlanta Pine Studios. This movie had a budget of 200 million and ended up with a gross of about $863 million. That’s a definitely what you call a good profit.

Guardians of the Galaxy.are Peter Quill played by Chris Pratt , Baby Groot who is played by Vin Diesal,  Rocket played by Bradley Coper, Gamora who is played by Zoe Saldana and Drax who is played by Dave Bautista. You have ayesha played by Elizabeth Debicki who is the leader of the sovereign race.She has the guardians guard or u can say protect these batteries. The soveriegn send drones to attack the gueardians ship after Rocket is caught stealing batteries. The guardians crash land on a planet, as the drones where destroyed by someone who reveals himself as Ego, Ego is Quills father. He Gamora, Quill and Drax gets invited to his home planet, while Groot and Rocket stay behind to repair the ship and keep an eye for Gamora’s sister Nubela.

The Guardiams don’t know, but theres someone out there that wants them recaptured. And that person is Ayesha, she hires a guy who has been expel from the Ravanger Community for trafficking, and he goes by the name Yondu Udonta, who is played by Michael Rooker. One of the Guardians get captured. Taserface, who is Yondu Udonta’s lieutenant is a leader of a mutiny because of the fact that Yondu who basically raised Quill, would not turn her over. Taserface has  Nubela helping him. Yondu and one f the Guardians are now imprisoned n the ship by Taserface. While Nubela is on a mission to find Gamora. Nubela feel like the torture from her father was all because of Gamora and she wants revenge. Meanwhile back on the ship Yondu and the Guardian bond a bit and are helped freed by someone. They escape leaving damage to the ship and the ships crew. The sovereign is warned by Taserface.

Ego is explaining how his home planet was formed and other details about Quill and how he has been searching for him. Nubela then comes to Egos planet and is on a mission to kill Gamora, but they see a chamber full of remains, looks like skeletons. Meanwhile Ego uses Quill by putting under his influence, But then Quill fight back at Ego when Ego reveals something. someone warns Drax about the plan the Ego has, and Nubela and Gamora finds out of this plan as well. Groot, Rocket, Yondu and Kraglin who is Yondu’s second in command played by Sean Gunn. The Guardians are now fighting against the drones. Now rocket is making a bomb,and Groot is on to the plan. Quill Fights Ego with the new power that he was taught. And Yondu makes a sacrifice to save Quill, You must watch the rest. This movie was simply just incredible from the start.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2
Release Date: May 5, 2017
Rated: PG-13
Run Time: 136 minutes
Directed by:James Gunn
Producers: Kevin Feige
Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper
Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Elizabeth Debicki,Chris Sullivan
Sean Gunn, Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell


Fate Of The Furious

The action is back with this eight installment of the fast and furious franchise.Can you say 1.239 billion!!!. from a 250 million dollar budget, More than amazing. The movie was directed by Gary grey who took place of past directer James Wan. And the stars are pretty much the same , you got Vin Diesal, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez Tyrese G and Chris or can i just say Ludacris to name a few. I think this was a pretty well rounded action packed film. But i noticed it getting alot of mixed reviews tho, story line getting criticized just a bit by some movie viewers.Love how the movie took place in plenty exotic locations, but that’s nothing new for this franchise. Also congrats on this movie skating past the star wars: the force awakens movie to grab the highest gross movie of 2017 so far.

The movie tarts off in beautiful Havana. Local racer Raldo challenges Dom to a street race. If Dom wins Raldo must give up his car. Let me tell you, they put on a show for the crowd. Anyone who saw the movie knows what i mean,at the end of the race Dom shows great sportsmanship and does something that earns him a great value of respect from the crowd as well as Raldo. After that Dom and his team are approached by the DDS, well agent Luke (Dwayne Johnson) from the DDS. Luke is wanting Dom and his friends to get to a military base and help him to retrieve a EMV device. So the plan takes a turn as Dom had his own plan and that plan had to do with cipher played by actress.. Charlize Theron.

Mr Hobbs(Luke) ended up getting captured, and thrown in a high-security facility, ends up meeting a friend. If you have yet to see the movie yet, you will love when you figure out who this is. Luke and friend end up escaping the facility, After they escape they are found by a guy name frank, who lends them a hand. Now, On a mission to catch Cipher and find Dom, Luke rounds up the team and they are ready to go.As the team is on this mission Lukes protog’e explains to them that cipher was the mastermind with all the crazy experiences that the team went through in the past.On another note now cipher has Dom doing all kinds of things like going to NY to get a nuclear football and then sent to Russia to disable a nuclear submarine. Although Dom does not agree with all this, cipher has something of Dom that leaves him with no choice but to play along. But the team wont give up on Dom as they keep intercepting cipher’s plan on a mission to get their friend back.

The Fate of the Furious
Release Date: April 14, 2017
Rated: R
Run Time: 136 minutes
Directed by: Gary Gray
Producers: Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel, Michael Fottrell, Chris Morgan
Starring: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez,Tyrese Gibson
Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Scott Eastwood, Nathalie Emmanuel,Elsa Pataky,Kurt Russell,
Charlize Theron